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Rules for fishing in BC

Posted by: Fisheries and Ocean Canada

It is illegal to:
* sport fish for finfish and/or shellfish without a licence.
* fish for salmon, including cutthroat trout and steelhead, with a barbed hook.
* fail to record immediately, on your licence, in ink, any chinook salmon retained.
* fail to record immediately, on your licence, in ink, any lingcod retained, where required.
* catch and retain salmon if your licence does not have a valid salmon conservation stamp attached to it.
* fish with a fixed weight (sinker) greater than one kg except on a downrigger line, in which case the fishing line must be attached to the downrigger by means of an automatic release clip. The clip must free the fishing line from the downrigger line when the fish takes the lure, allowing the fish to be retrieved by rod and reel or separate handline.
* wilfully foul hook or attempt to foul hook any fish other than herring, northern anchovy, Pacific sand lance and squid. To avoid foul hooking (snagging) fish, anglers should aim to induce the fish to take the hook in its mouth.
* use a set line — a fishing line left unattended in the water.
* use, on a line, gear designed to catch more than one fish at a time (except when fishing for herring, northern anchovy or Pacific sardine, or in the tidal portion of the Fraser River).
* possess, except at place of ordinary residence, any fish caught while sport fishing that is dressed or packed so that the fish cannot be easily identified, counted or measured — see packaging guidelines.
* engage in field canning of any species.
* buy, sell, barter or attempt to buy, sell or barter any fish caught by sport fishing.
* use stones, clubs, firearms, explosives or chemicals to molest, injure or kill fish.
* trap or pen fish on their spawning ground, or in rivers or streams leading to spawning grounds.
* use a net of any kind while fishing for finfish, except: a) a dip net may be used when fishing for herring, eulachon, northern anchovy, Pacific sand lance, smelt or sardines; b) a dip net may be used when landing a fish caught by angling; c) one gillnet or set net may be used when fishing for eulachon or smelts, provided the mesh size is greater than 25 mm but less than 50 mm, and the length is less than 7.5 m; a floating buoy clearly marked with the name of the owner must be attached to each end of the net; d) a cast net is permitted when fishing for herring, northern anchovy or Pacific sand lance.
* use gaff hooks in angling except as an aid to landing a fish caught on a legal line or rod and reel.
* use torches or artificial lights while sport fishing, except when they are submerged and attached to a fishing line, within one metre of the fishing hook.
* use spears to fish for salmon, trout, char, sturgeon and shellfish, except shrimp.
* sportfish for salmon and trout, except by angling.
* tend another recreational fisher’s gear without possessing a licence yourself.
* dig, catch and retain or possess clams or oysters from a contaminated area. Check closures section under the area in which you are fishing.
* use any mechanical apparatus or dredge for harvesting clams.

Penalties for contravention of the British Columbia Sport Fishing Regulations include voluntary ticket payments up to $1,000 and possible seizure and forfeiture of fishing gear and catch, or court-imposed fines up to $100,000 on first offence and possible court-imposed forfeiture of fishing gear, catch, vessel or other equipment used in the commission of an offence. Licences may also be suspended or cancelled.

These rules are posted here for information only - please be sure to check at the official Fisheries & Ocean Canada page for more details.

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